Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning Sun

Photo: Sreyashi Dey, 2010

Soft morning sun, echoing
     the iron drums of bastar musicians
          on raku colors of fire.

I woke up this morning to mellow March sunlight streaming in through the window, creating intriguing patterns of light and shadow on my favorite raku fired pottery. The three rustic musicians heralded my weekend morning. These stylized, slender and elongated brass figures are distinctive of the dhokra craft tradition of metal casting in the Bastar district of the southern part of Chhattisgarh in India. I acquired the raku pottery at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair several years ago. Creations of two artists, so separated in time and space, now bathed together in the glow of early morning sun.

A few other dhokra pieces from my collection:
Elephant. Photo: Sreyashi Dey, 2010

Owl. Photo: Sreyashi Dey, 2010

Rickshaw Puller. Photo: Sreyashi Dey, 2010


Bata krishna Dey said...

Dear Sretashi,
A brilliant photo-shot with more brilliant and exquisite exposition in words - both poetically lyrical! Baba,

elen said...